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Ultimate Rebrander: FAQ

The Basics

1. What is the purpose of the Ultimate Rebrander ?

The goal of the Ultimate Rebrander is to allow you to provide hassle free rebrandable PDF books (which presell your products) to your affiliates where they don't have to
- download anything
- edit anything

They simply promote one link.

2. How does it work ?

- You create the usual download page where the reader can click through to download your book

- You create your book, with rebrandable fields, in HTML format (more on this later)

You then tell the Ultimate Rebrander
a) the URL of the download page
b) the URL of the book
c) the list of rebrandable fields

That's all !

3. How many rebrandable books can I create ?

There is no limit.

As well as rebrandable books you can produce rebrandable articles

The Rebranding Process

1. What is the format of the download page ?

It can be anything you want.

For the download link you use a special tag: {pdf}
Example: Click <a href="{pdf}">here </a> to download

2. What is the format of the book ?

You create it as an html page. The full range of HTML tags is not supported - but the main ones are. See this sample book

3. What can I rebrand and how do I do it ?

You can rebrand any part of the html. So text content as well as links are rebrandable.

You just insert placeholders, for example {f1}, {f2} etc, where you wish to have a field rebranded.

4. How many rebrandable fields can I have ?

There is no limit.

Your installation comes with a sample item already in place: a download page and book so that you can see exactly how it works or adapt it to get your first book working.

And of course first try our demo here


1. What do my affiliates need to do ?

Your affiliate visits the Affiliate Center, selects the PDF book(s) he wishes to rebrand and fills in the values for the placeholders f1, f2 etc. This generates an affiliate link. He simply promotes that link and his readers will receive the PDF book rebranded with his personalised information.

2. What stats can they see

They can see their total hits for each PDF book and can use tracking ids to see where the hits are coming from

3. What affiliate information is provided to Admin ?

You can export a list of your affiliates.

You can see all hits made by individual affiliates to individual books.

You can ban an affiliate.

You can try a live affiliate center yourself with the demo

Admin Functions

1. What stats do you provide ?

For each book you can see the number of hits to the download page and the number of downloads. In other words you can see how well your page converts.

The page hits can be summarised across affiliates.

2. Can you cloak links ?

Yes check out the demo

3. Can you control which rebrandable fields an affiliate can use

Yes - you can assign access levels to every field