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Ultimate Rebrander Demo

Demo System (as admin)

You can try out the full unrestricted version of the Ultimate Rebrander on our demo system.

Login as admin here with
- Login = admin
- Password = demo

Live System (as affiliate)

If you want to see a live example of what affiliates find when they come to collect their rebranding links have a look at the collection of rebrandable books and articles at the SuperTips site. Click here (Opens in a new window)

Then click on the link to the Affiliate Center. That is the home screen of the Ultimate Rebrander.

Sign up as a new affiliate.

You will now see the list of Items which can be rebranded.

1. Try Item 3: This is the Demo item. Click on the rebranding fields link and enter the field values of your choice. Then click on your affiliate link and see the results.

2. Now try Item 1: Just put any number in the affiliate id, click the affiliate link and you end up with a rebrandable article. Hover the cursor over the link at the bottom of the article and you will see the affiliate id.

3. Also try clicking on Item 6. You will see that it requires an access code. This is a way to restrict rebranding e.g to those who have purchased access rights. It's an example of one of the many powerful features in the Ultimate Rebrander - you can even have multiple levels of access to specify the fields which may be rebranded. Check out the ebook ClickBank for Newbies (the last chapter) and you will see how it is used.

4. You can also check out the Stats screen. (As Admin you will be able to see stats for all affiliates and all Items).